Thursday, September 15, 2011

Zoning Commission Hearing Petworth Safeway Case Today

The Zoning Commission will consider approval of the Petworth Safeway PUD and related map amendment during a public hearing today.

ANC 4C has submitted a letter in support, highlighting the 9-1 vote in favor of the project at the ANC meeting on May 10th. An adjacent neighbor also submitted a detailed letter in support (see case report for details).

Co-owners Duball and Safeway seek to rezone the property at 3830 Georgia Avenue, NW to allow for a mixed-use, Safeway-anchored, 5-story multifamily residential project designed by Torti Gallas and Partners, expected to be underway this time next year.

Marc Dubick, president of Duball, previously worked with both Torti Gallas and Safeway as the project executive for CityVista DC in Mount Vernon Triangle.

Dubick said after a slew of community meetings, he feels there is substantial support for the Petworth project and hopes for Zoning approval today in order to move one step closer to commencing the construction document/permitting process; Dubick said 18 months of construction on the project will begin nine months from the time full approval is given.

The 1.56 acre property being developed is at the southwest corner of Georgia Avenue and Randolph Street, NW, one block from the Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro stop.

Replacing the "stinky" Safeway, will be a new 62,400 s.f. Safeway and 86 below-grade parking spaces, both components of the development will be owned by Safeway; Duball will own the 5-story, 220-unit residential building and 135 parking spaces devoted to residents (located below the Safeway parking pad).

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Anonymous said...

Awsome! This is exactly what DC needs, mixed use, humanley scaled architecture and urbanism. Natural materials that will age gracefully, a design that strives to harmonize with it's surroundings. After endless glass conco buildings, this is a refreshing change of pace.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! The Salvation Safeway!!! Salvation for Petworth

Ben said...

This looks like a beautiful building that will be a great asset for Petworth and Georgia Avenue.

This is exactly what Safeway should build at its store in Tenley on 42nd and Davenport, only a few blocks from two different metro stations.

Anonymous said...

I counted six stories on this building.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why they didn't put housing atop the new store in Bethesda? Right on the CCR and fairly close to downtown Bethesda and the Metro?

Anonymous said...

12:34 is exactly right. The architecture is quite good -- much better, for example, than the neo-Clarendon generica that Giant has chosen for its Cathedral Commons project. In fact, there are a lot of things Giant could learn from Safeway.

Ben said...

@Anonymous 9:53 AM

At 5-6 stories, this is as tall or taller than the Cathedral Commons development that will begin construction soon on Wisconsin Avenue. It has 220 units, more than the Cathedral Commons development and only 135 parking spaces (I think the Cathedral Commons development will have 400+). If you're arguing for more density for the Giant and less expensive, off-street parking that will only encourage more driving and congestion, then this is very welcomed.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, nice to see the Cleveland Park NIMBYs out on this thread taking shots at the Cathedral Heights Giant. I'm cheering that thing on now just to spite them.

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