Monday, September 26, 2011

Meridian Hill Baptist Church Condominium Gets Design Adjustment

A church-turned-condominium project by developer Bozzuto and architect Martinez + Johnson will likely head back to the Historic Preservation Review Board next month, says Bozzuto VP and director of development Clark Wagner, but without additional façade windows sought by the team.

Developers had sought to add glass to the stone facade, but city officials scotched the idea of changing the historic fa
çade, originally built in 1927. Instead, the plan is to simply replace the windows, as well as other changes requested by HPRB, including a different "skin" for the new construction portion of the project.

HPRB did approve "the demolition of the rear of the building and the general design approach to the additions in concept, [including] the terrace alterations to the church roof, if they can be concealed from public view."

After HPRB approves the entire revised design, Bozzuto will then file its application with the Board of Zoning Adjustment, said Wagner. In July, ANC secretary Jack McKay said that the ANC, which has not yet opined on the matter, is most interested in the rear setback and rear access of the property.

The community has a heightened sensitivity to fire safety measures after the Deauville apartment fire in 2008; the fire responsible for the demise of the Meridian Hill Baptist Church and the rise of the current plan to turn the property in condominiums. Spacing to adjacent properties has already proved to be an issue in the redevelopment of a neighboring property, the Mt. Pleasant Library at 3160 16th Street, NW.

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