Saturday, February 07, 2009

EE&K Tapped for Three District Projects

Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects have been awarded three multimillion dollar contracts in the District of Columbia, according to a statement released by the architectural firm. The first entails designs for a new gateway to the city’s “monumental core,” while the remaining two involve the creation of a master plan for Northwest’s Mount Vernon Square neighborhood and the modernization of Glover Park’s Benjamin Stoddert Elementary, respectively.

The first project reaffirms the city’s intent to install a definitive entrance to Washington’s tourist attractions. According to the press release issued by the firm, “[t]he study will be focused on North Capitol Street from Michigan Avenue to Hawaii Avenue, NE, and Irving Street/Michigan Avenue from First Street NW. The gateway would bring a sense of place to the adjacent neighborhoods and improved balance between the pedestrian focus of those neighborhoods and vehicular traffic flow and provide the initial design ideas for replacing an unsightly highway-style interchange with a more pedestrian-oriented design.” There’s no word, however, on when the first conceptual designs might begin to surface.

Meanwhile, in cooperation with the District’s Office of Planning and Department of Transportation, EE&K will be implementing infrastructural flourishes throughout the Mount Vernon Square with the hope of artfully integrating the borders between the Square, the recently opened Convention Center, and the historic Shaw neighborhood. EE&K has previously worked in a similar capacity with both the District’s Hill East neighborhood and Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

For their third and final District-sponsored project of the New Year, EE&K has been paired with Setty & Associates and KLTH Engineers to "modernize and expand" Ward 3’s 77-year-old Benjamin Stoddert Elementary School. The long overcrowded school will receive a new gym, cafeteria and media center under the guidance of the development team, while the school’s 6.5 acre plot has also been earmarked as the site of a new “intergenerational community center” by the Department of Parks and Recreation. EE&K principal Sean O’Donnell will be overseeing the school renovation and has assured the community that the firm has a wealth of experience when it comes to “[creating] sustainable 21st century schools that are the center of their communities.” EE&K has previously supplied designs for other local educational institutions, such as the School without Walls and Washington University’s Foggy Bottom campus.


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