Monday, February 16, 2009

Glover Park Niteclub Comes Down

Washington DC's Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs has consented to a raze order filed in October by the owners of Glover Park's gentlemen's dance venue, J.P.'s Night Club. In their 20 plus years in business, the long-running, family-owned business had continually faced critiques from neighbors in the upscale community over matters of crime, alcohol licensing and, well, that other thing.

Local adversaries finally got their wish in January 2008, when a conflagration led to a dramatic fire-and-rescue operation, when eager firemen rescued a (fully clad) employee from the roof as J.P.'s went up in flames. The building was soon boarded up (not hard, it had no windows) and has remained so ever since, even as new businesses have moved into adjoining storefronts.

With the site now gutted, control of the property at 2412 Wisconsin Avenue, NW has reverted to landlords, the Alafoginis Family LP – local entrepreneurs who once ran the now defunct Chic boutique down the street. Alafoginis' representation, Deoudes-Magafan Realty of Bethesda, did not respond to several DCmud inquiries concerning future building plans. The demolition will be carried out by the Construction Guild, LLC.

In the meantime, those who still feel like supporting working mothers and college girls can still visit Good Guys across the street, which was always better anyway. From what we're told.


CitizenZ on Feb 16, 2009, 2:10:00 PM said...

So sad to hear. I hope it opens back up. DC needs more and better ahem "adult" establishments. The ballpark district really decimated our stock. They add a much needed texture to the social scene. Society needs a place for its fringe.

I recognize that this is not for everyone by any means and looked down on by others, but I think they have a place. The same could be said for museums or bars or anything someone tries to do in Tenley (the Tenley thing is a joke). :-)

Anonymous said...

JP's sucked. I guess I sort of agree that there is some place for strip clubs, but I am glad DC isn't permeated by them like trashy cities are. Tampa's claim to fame is "strip club capital of the world"... uhhh, no thanks.

It would be good to have one super-upscale stripclub with high-end talent. Think Vegas. haha

Anonymous said...

A little birdie told me that a shiny new club will open on the JP's site in a new building in the not so distant future -- Good Guys better watch its back!

Anonymous said...

sad to head, all things must come to an end. I hate seeing some of the old building get torn down. But hopefully it will make room for positive new things

Anonymous said...

Maybe the working Moms and college girls will get jobs at a new establishment where we can support them for their real talents instead. The place was a dump, an eyesore and a stain on the community. I met some guys at the bar at sushi-ko who were for out of town and they had gone into Good Guys and said that it was full of "pigs." I asked if he meant that the girls were low brow and he said that the guys in there were pigs. I said that I couldn't imagine what JP's was like then. There should be zoning laws, like in cities like Boston, so that these types of places and the "pigs" that frequent them are all in one place. I aggee with BTCommittee--who wants DC to be Trashy like Tampa or Houston...

Anonymous said...

I hope they reopen soon. JP's hadda better atmosphere than GGuys across the street. The girls would socialize with customers between sets it was a nice an laid back. Rhilly miss Pretty Kitty.

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