Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jemal's Retail Trick on 14th Street

Washington DC commercial real estate, Douglas Development, Jair Lynch, GTM ArchitectsDouglas Development is in the process of acquiring the necessary permits to raze a vacant auto lot at 2221 14th Street, NW. According to Douglas Jemal, President of Douglas Development, his corporation acquired the bafflingly named "Latino Auto Sale" five years ago; now, under the creative title of "Jemal's Hookers, LLC," he’s planning to scrap it for a new retail development intended to service the increasingly crowded 14th and U Street corridor.Washington DC commercial real estate, Douglas Development, Jair Lynch, GTM Architects

Though Jemal has yet to set a timeline for when the diminutive brick auto shop and adjoining parking lot will meet the wrecking ball and shovel, he has already taken on George Meyers of GTM Architects, Inc. to design a two-story 10,000 square foot retail development for the site.

"We’re getting permitted and getting it designed, so that, hopefully, when this market does turn around, we can get something done,” said Jemal. Understandable, but just what’s the story behind the tasteful moniker of his limited liability company? “Long before you were around,” laughed Jemal, “there were always hookers on that corner [at 14th and Florida Avenue].”

These days, the intersection is decidedly more family friendly, with PN Hoffman's Union Row project just a few doors down, both Jair Lynch’s Solea Condominiums and Level 2 Development’s View 14 are currently under construction directly across the street. Damn you, gentrification.

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Anonymous said...

What's the status of the UDR project across the street, where the Nehemiah Center used to be?

Anonymous said...

The correct spelling is George Myers...not Meyers

Anonymous said...

Putting only 2 stories on 14th Street there is a waste of important commercial space. While I welcome the development, it should have housing on top.

Anonymous said...

Come one Jamel, Hookers? I thought you had some class...

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