Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Home Again" Hones in on LeDroit Park

Neighborhood Development Company, Washington DC, Shaw, PGN Architects, Ledroit ParkSeven years and a new mayor later, the Vacant and Abandoned Housing Initiative is still flush with properties for redevelopment. Established by former Mayor Anthony Williams in 2002, the initiative – better known to the public as “Home Again” – was tasked with converting “vacant and abandoned buildings into quality, affordable homes.” Now, two years after being awarded a bundle of unoccupied LeDroit Park properties, aptly-titledNeighborhood Development Company, Washington DC, Shaw, PGN Architects, Ledroit Park DC developer, the Neighborhood Development Company (NDC), is gearing up to begin work on the first installment of their “Home Again” redevelopment projects at 1915 6th Street, NW.

Currently a vacant lot straddled by several historic LeDroit Park homes, NDC is aiming to reinvigorate the long vacant parcel with a new three-story “historicist” condominium development. Designed by PGN Architects, the building will outwardly appear to be a brick townhouse with “a rusticated base, precast accents and wood windows” and measure in at 1,300 square feet. The project is currently scheduled to begin construction in July 2009 - after missing the mark last September. NDC previously accrued the approval of both the LeDroit Park Civic Association and Historic Preservation Review Board in summer of 2008.

Neighborhood Development Company, Washington DC, Shaw, PGN Architects, Ledroit ParkDiminutive though it may be, the 1915 6th project is just the first of ten “Home Again” properties under the control of NDC; next up for development will be duel derelict structures, just outside of LeDroit proper, at 902 and 904 T Street, NW. In all, NDC plans to squeeze 22 units – 4 of which of will be priced at affordable housing rates – out of their LeDroit Park lemons.

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Shaw Rez on Feb 19, 2009, 11:49:00 AM said...

So when will work on 902/904 T Street commence?

Anonymous said...

If true, it is surprising that the developer was allowed to retain control of the property for two years before commencing construction. The Home Again initiative rules clearly state that the renovations are to be completed within one year of award.

IMGoph on Feb 22, 2009, 10:25:00 AM said...

where can we find a list of all of these locations?

this is awesome! it's great to see us filling in the gaps in the urban fabric in the city. construction started on the foundation of a property just north of 10th and P NW, but unfortunately there hasn't been any activity at that site for quite a while. i look forward to the time when all these empty lots are contributing parts of the city again.

Anonymous said...

Surprising that the developer was allowed to retain the property past the required due date?

Not really. NDC is controlled by Adrian Washington, a developer who used to run the Anacostia Waterfront Corp for the DC government until he was fired for not getting anything done. He's got friends in the right places...

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