Thursday, October 01, 2009

Adams Morgan Safeway Facelift Revealed

With the supermarket battles having long since become a mainstay of development, not to mention indicator of neighborhood revitalization, we feel obliged to point out the existence of new grocery stores. And sometimes even old ones with a nip - tuck, as in the case of the Adams Morgan Safeway at 1747 Columbia Road. City officials will be marking the occasion too, at 2pm tomorrow (Friday), when DC Mayor Adrian Fenty cuts the ribbon on the newly minted Safeway.

The store has remained open for the past four months during construction, an attempt to bring it up to speed with the newish Harris Teeter around the corner. Safeway spokesman Craig Muckle told DCMud that although the re-do would not entail the start-over makeover given several other area Safeways, this would at least "a complete interior renovation and decorum upgrade,” he promised. “It will look like…our other upgraded Safeways, of which there are now nine or ten in the area.” We'll see if its enough to make the mayor stay and shop.


Anonymous said...

fyi - it's Columbia Road, not Avenue

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