Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crescent Falls Church

Crescent Falls Church, retail, Hanover Company, real estate developmentFalls Church will soon have a new high-end, mid-rise apartment building, when construction on the new Crescent Falls Church finishes next spring. The 6-story, 214-unit Crescent is a new mixed-use and multi-family residence near the East Falls Church Metro, which its developers now say will finish in the spring of 2010 and to begin leasing next spring or summer. Located mid-way between the District and Tysons Corner just off I-66, Crescent Falls Church, retail, Hanover Company, real estate developmentthe new community will sit adjacent to the Washington & Old Dominion Trail (W&OD) and Falls Church Park, and across from the Westlee, a condo completed in 2006. The area was the focus of a study that began in 2007 that aimed to improve the metro site's land use, recently dominated by parking lots, and connect it better with the city of Falls Church. Given its proximity to DC and rare undeveloped metro locale, planners have sought a more urban landscape and transport integration The Crescent will apply for LEED certification upon completion, in the hope that its metro location, recycling center and technical features will secure the status. The Crescent's planned attractions will include a private screening room, concierge, daily hot beverage service, two courtyards – one with conversational firepit and outdoor grilling and dining Crescent Falls Church, retail, Hanover Company, real estate developmentareas, and the other with dual-sided fireplace and outdoor grilling and dining areas - and each unit should have a view of green space. Developers also plan an "oversized" bike room - intrepid residents could even ride the W & OD and Custis trail into DC - and underground parking garage with preference for low-emission vehicles. Crescent Falls Church is being built by Texas-based Hanover Company, which has a sizable record of apartment building construction and operation, though the Crescent is only its second DC area foray, having completed Ashton Judiciary Square, one of DC's more design conscious apartment communities, earlier this year in DC's Penn Quarter. The project site had been purchased from K. Hovnanian Homes, which had begun the project as the Easton condo project.

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Anonymous said...

Although the newly built "Crescent Falls Church" is very near the East Falls Church Metro station, it's actual jurisdictional location is Arlington County, NOT Falls Church.

Anonymous said...

Are there any plans to redevelop the neighboring EconoLodge. This building shows how old and dated that structure is.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding the Econolodge will be a updated Marriott in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I hope they're mitigating traffic and parking. Things are bad enough with all the highway construction...

Anonymous said...

Any word what sort of retail will be on the ground floor of this development? Bear Rock Cafe across the street isn't so hot.

Anonymous said...

My bike commute route on the W&OD bike path takes me right by the Crescent apartment complex. I watched the apartment built from scratch for over a year now. I originally thought the new construction would be a replacement for the Econolodge (which looks VERY sleazy incidently).

IMHO, the Econolodge detracts from the appearance of the Crescent apartment.

Lastly, as an aside, who's brilliant idea was it to build a high end swanky apartment next to a sleazy hotel like the Econolodge and right next to a busy interstate like Rt. 66?

I'm sure the area around the Econolodge is frequented by drug dealers, hoes, pimps, hustlers, and other assorted low lives at night.

In addition to having to brush shoulders with the dregs of scociety, the Crescent is located right next to Rt. 66 which is clogged with traffic and every morning and afternoon. You get to inhale car fumes and hear the constant din of traffic all hours of the day!

I'm sure the Crescent is very nice but I would never rent there for the above reasons.

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