Friday, October 09, 2009

Mission Says "Maybe" to Park Morton

Washington DC commercial real estate newsAfter Wednesday's press conference announcing the DC government's award of the enormous Park Morton contract to Landex Corp., Warrenton Group, and Spectrum Management, DCMud promptly reported the more surprising revelation by Councilman Jim Graham that the District would roll the controversial Central Union Mission site into the Park Morton project - a win for the Park View Partners (Landex, et. al.), who get more area to work with, for the Mission, which gets bought out of a neighborhood that has fought the project from the beginning, and for the neighborhood, which slams the door on an unwanted neighbor. The problem? Neither the Park Mortonians nor the District of Columbia ever quite finalized any such agreement with the Mission. While officials have been working closely with owners of the Mission to reach such an agreement for "some time," sources at the DC government say the Mission is continuing to pursue its own zoning approval to relocate to the site, as we reported earlier, but also to negotiate with other suitors. While things may fall into place, they're not there yet.

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