Thursday, October 08, 2009

District Gov Adds More Time for West End Development Offers

The DC government has postponed the deadline for three West End parcels now on the block for redevelopment. In July, the city sought proposals to redevelop the West End Library, fire station, and special operations police unit, each of which would have to be rebuilt on or off-site. The DC government initially set a due date of October 2, but changed the date in mid September to October 30th. No bids have been received to date. The District is seeking "creative proposals" that thoughtfully address the neighborhood's overall vision for the neighborhood - a plan that foresees safe, lively streets with a local retail center, and livelier Washington Circle, revamped to be more of a meeting place. The process began with legislation in the summer of 2007 with an attempted sale to Eastbanc Development, which developed the Ritz Carlton hotel and condo and 22 West condos, but which stirred the ire of residents for its non-competitiveness.


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