Friday, March 16, 2012

Residential Building Proposed for Former St. Matthew's Site In SW

A proposed 11-story, 210-unit residential building from developer CSG Urban Partners, on the former site of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church at 222 M Street SW, is headed to the zoning board later this month, over the objections of some neighborhood residents.

The applicant, TC/CSG St. Matthew's LLC, proposes an L-shaped building, varying in height from 110 to 35 feet, that would include a small church sanctuary on the northeast corner of the 50,000 square foot lot, one of several projects locally to take unused church space. Included in the plans are about 151 below-grade parking spaces, and of the approximately 210 projected units, ten percent would be provided for moderate income households (51% to 80% AMI). The application also details a plan for allocating much of the ground floor and basement space as a publicly-accessible community center run by St. Matthew's. A description of the proposed design lists "tiered and modulated use of one or two-story bay, projections or loggias articulated with metal frames, glazed areas and metal clad panel," which are all elements found in nearby buildings.
"It's going to match the character of the neighborhood," confirms Dan Stuver, of Shalom Baranes Architects. "A lot of metal, a lot of glass, a lot of screens. It's going to fit in with the surrounding buildings, most of which date from the Sixties and Seventies."

Oh, so it's going to be retro?

"No, no," says Stuver. "I'm from the Sixties and Seventies too, and I'm not retro. It's going to be very modern. At least, a style we call modern."

The site is well situated at a block from the Waterfront metro station and on the route for the proposed M Street streetcar. In addition, plans call for the inclusion of electric car charging stations, extensive bike parking, car sharing spaces, and anticipates a LEED Silver Certification.
However, some residents have objected to the project; a petition characterizes the project as "out of character with the very fabric that is SW," and that it's variously too big, not set back enough, doesn't include green space, blocks views from nearby residential buildings and "is a 1000 lb sack of potatoes trying to fit in a 5 lb sack." Many of these concerns seem to have been addressed - developers have already agreed to an additional 2' setback from M Street, and are including a large courtyard (though of unspecified size) in the front and rear of the building - though the matter of blocked views could be problematic.

The zoning hearing is tentatively scheduled for Monday, March 26.

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SpenceHeckwolf on Mar 17, 2012, 2:15:00 PM said...

To anyone thinking of signing the petition. Please read The Rent is too dam high by Matthew Yglesias or Gated City Ryan Avent. Incumbent land owners need to stop petitioning the government to restrict supply of rental units.

Payton on Mar 20, 2012, 6:49:00 PM said...

"Totally out of character"? This is an 11-story building right in between 8 and 9-story high-rises, and across the street from a 12-story building. I don't buy it.

Hopefully, more will follow and M St SW can be a better Main Street for the Waterfront neighborhood.

Nancy said...

Ridiculous. Same architect firm as Waterfront and look what is there-double parking, etc. Please, quit.

Payton on Nov 20, 2012, 9:36:00 AM said...

Huh? Double parking is the fault of drivers (and cops), not of... architects.

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