Saturday, March 03, 2012

Your Next Place

By Franklin Schneider

This Logan Circle Victorian was renovated by a professional designer, and it shows. Where most "renovations" just mean tearing out the carpeting and painting over everything, this one legitimately
transformed the place. Boasting clean lines and tons of light (check out that bay window), there's also a ridiculously cool fireplace, some of the most impressive hardwood floors I've seen, and skylights galore. The master bedroom suite is huge, with a fantastic bathroom that features a spa-style tub and twin basins. (That way you can be married AND still have your stubble-hair-and-toothpaste-encrusted sink).

The kitchen is huge and has a "smart" island, which means that it's extra long and has a sink in it. This is brilliant and a potential game-changer. Why isn't this standard? If I had one of these I might even wash my dishes occasionally instead of letting them fester in the sink and then moving them out to the deck for a few months before shoveling them into a trash bag. (P.S. I'm thirty-three years old. Hee!)

Out back is a nice cozy garden and the lower level is a self-contained one bedroom apartment. It's also in Logan, so it's close to everything you could possibly want to go to, as well as Logan Circle, which is a seriously underrated public greenspace and one of the best places to sit in the summer and pretend to read while eyeing attractive passersby. I spent a good forty-five minutes there one day last summer before realizing I was holding my book upside down.

1817 15th Street NW
3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths


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