Sunday, March 11, 2012

Your Next Place

By Franklin Schneider

This fully-renovated Colonial is extremely charming - large rooms with a great open-ish floor plan that leads you naturally from space to space. The different color-schemed rooms really won me over, and the house is so deceptively big inside that halfway through I got all confused. ("That can't be another room up ahead, it's got to be a mirror. But if it's a mirror, shouldn't I be able to see my reflection in it? Am I a vampire?!")

There's a ton of closet space, a pantry, a beautiful sitting room, and three working fireplaces. There's also a large built-in shoe closet (much better than your present system, i.e. piles), and a fantastic massive patio out back, surrounded by a tiered stone garden. Not massive like "you could get a grill AND a table out there," massive like "you could stage a celebrity wedding back there."

The crown jewel of the house, the master bedroom suite is maybe the most masterful bedroom suite I've ever encountered. The bedroom is very fine, yes, and the working fireplace definitely takes it to the "next level" (I imagine squabbling with my girlfriend over who gets to work the remote and then just flinging it into a roaring fire), but the thing that tipped the balance was the bathroom. Aside from being very fine, it has heated floors! This legitimately blew my mind. I didn't even know this was a thing. (Do I sound like a yokel right now? Are you all laughing at me? I don't even care.) I'd crank these babies up full blast year round, even in the summertime. When you've got heated floors, why not flaunt them? (Words to live by, if you ask me.)

5009 Hawthorne Place NW
5 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths


Anonymous said...

It blows my mind that people will spend over a million to live in D.C., especially on these old "colonial" houses that have no side yards, no front yards, and hardly a backyard. I guess box-style homes with creaky floors appeal to some people, but why not move somewhere nicer than D.C. if you've got that type of money to blow?

RR said...

What you don't consider is the overall standard of living. To be able to walk to your supermarket, restaurant, bookstore and cafe, on sidewalks, and pass mostly good architecture on the way, and live just a walk or metro ride away from your work, is a standard of living that suburbanites can't comprehend. You overlook access to the parks and entertainment, and living near interesting people. That kind of life is transformative, and you bump into like-minded people. Living in a place "nicer than DC" isn't easy to do. Most of the homes built in the suburbs are cheap builder-special garbage. If that's your thing, go for it, but you can stop scratching your head about not everyone thinks like you.

Anonymous said...

Heated floors are indeed a thing, and definitely worth doing if you're retiling. Doesn't add a huge amount of cost (relative to overall bathroom reno.)

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