Tuesday, November 27, 2012

District Releases RFEI for St. Elizabeths

Today, the District government released a Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI) in a bid to get development going at St. Elizabeths.  The Phase I development puts 4 parcels, totaling almost 7 acres, up for development bidding.  The proposal is the first of what will be a long, multi-phased development by the DC government for the East Campus of St. Elizabeths, following on the heels of development on the West Campus by the federal government that is now well underway.

The District had previously issued general guidelines for what the site could look like, with office, residential and commercial taking the place of the hospital now on site, with the hospital moving to the back of the current site.  The RFEI notes that the land is "especially ripe for complementary residential and retail development," and that the area presents an opportunity for "underserved" retail and "the next office submarket," and that historic preservation will also be a key element of consideration.  The District intends to make final selection of the development team by next summer.

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