Saturday, November 03, 2012

Your Next Place

Rare in Georgetown (or any other neighborhood in the District), this house features a two-level floor plan, with half the first floor elevated.  The effect is of a larger, offset living space, and one in which you're guaranteed to trip on the steps in the middle of the house at least once a month, probably while carrying beverages and/or attempting a seduction.  The main living area is flooded with light, as is the dining room, thanks to some extremely oversized windows, large even by oversized window standards.

The huge master bedroom features long, wide windows and tree-filled views, and a fantastic mirrored closet.  The master bath has a really cool curtain-less shower, with a small protruding wall instead of a door or curtain.  It felt very European to me, plus you wouldn't have to worry about your significant other coming in to grab something "really quick" while you're showering, seeing you through the shower curtain, and being like, "are you shaving your chest with my razor?"  ("Um, yes, and just be glad you didn't see what I was shaving with your razor thirty seconds ago.")  The guest bedroom has fantastic built-ins and a massive skylight; definitely get your guests drunk and then crouch outside their door the next morning and howl with laughter at their moans as they're awoken by the intense midday light streaming in.

Finally, the crown jewel of this house is undeniably the garden.  Designed by Oehme Van Sweden, this backyard paradise is lush, intensely green, and decorated with a discreet Far East vibe.  (Loved the marble Buddha head.)  It's like your own little piece of Thailand, only without the eight year old pickpockets and Frenchmen wearing sarongs.

1313 28th Street NW
4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths


Anonymous said...

No front yard, no side yards, adjacent to a loud church and loud highway, horrible weather. One would have to be crazy to spend over $1 million on this. But I guess Georgetown does attract the myopic and crazy crowd.

For the $2.6 million asking price, one could live in much nicer areas: Miami, the Wine Country, the mountains of Colorado, Orange County, Hawaii, etc.

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