Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Marion Barry: Don't Build in Ward 8

Ward 8 has the lowest home ownership levels in the city, by far, and Councilman Marion Barry has a solution: Stop building rental property. Barry has proposed a bill that would prohibit construction permits for new apartment buildings within his ward.

In a press release this afternoon, Barry bemoaned the "few opportunities for residents to become homeowners," noting that only 24% of ward 8 residents live in their own home. Barry notes that families in Ward 8 are "driven by a philosophy to just survive, rather than to invest in their future. " By stopping the illicit flow of the "over saturation" of new apartment units into the ward, Barry reasons that families will be better able to purchase homes.

The legislation submitted by Barry does not directly address the connection between the supply of rental housing and the affordability of home ownership, but states the over-construction of new housing "has lead to few opportunities for residents to become homeowners." Taking away rental options, according to the press release, will force renters to purchase. "Renters are paying anywhere from $1,500-$1,800 per month for housing. At the end of twenty years, what do they have to show for it, nothing, not a cent of equity value," said Barry.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea. In fact, I think all business should avoid Ward 8. Any group of people provincial and ill-informed enough to vote this man into office barely deserve to have water delivered to them.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who looks favorably on Marion is either stupid or has a giant chip on thier shoulder. That guy is a phony and the fact that part of DC's population keeps voting for him shows we've still got a long way to go with race relations.

Logan Res said...

Barry also doesn't want the street cars to come into his ward because you will bring the white folk in and that's of course bad. Wish DDOT would just put all the streetcar funds to corridors in parts of the city that want them and will use them.

Anonymous said...

First, how about closing down all Section 8 housing in order to "force" all of his constituents to rent? That seems to be a bigger problem in this convict's area of the city.

We're jumping the gun by worrying about home ownership.

Anonymous said...

Where is his drug dealing son supposed to live when he gets out of jail?

asrDC on Jan 6, 2012, 9:30:00 AM said...

Anonymous...your an idiot. I really love how you generalize all folks in W8. They barely deserve to have water delievered to them? Isnt that a bit harsh? I will pray for you and send good wishes to the universe that you get your head out of your a**.

love on Apr 23, 2012, 7:58:00 PM said...

Everybody has a right to express their opinion! So it's up to you as a citizen that live in ward 8 to do the right things to get your personal business in order to be able to buy a home and not focus on renting a home. You can do what ever you put your mind to do. Just do it and make it happen. Lastly, for all of you who are belittling Mr. Barry or trying to be so deep! clean up around your own front door before you try to tare down someone else. What ever seed you sow that you shall reep.

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