Thursday, July 07, 2011

Partial Preservation Prevails Over Parking

The request submitted to the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) for partial preservation of three historic rowhouses at 1232-1236 New Jersey Avenue NW, was unanimously approved by the HPRB Board on June 30th. The applicant, The Third Street Church of God, had petitioned for a full raze of the properties to make way for 5-7 parking spaces.

The partial raze compromise was reached in the "11th hour," as HPO Staff Reviewer Brendan Meyer stated during his testimony; HPRB Chair Catherine Buell explained that the role of the HPRB is to preserve "contributing structures in a historic district." With that said, Buell then acknowledged that the Church could revisit the Board with a new (full raze) request, or petition the "Mayor's agent" using the plea of economic burden.

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si on Jul 7, 2011, 2:42:00 PM said...

1232, 1234, 1236 New Jersey Avenue NW, HPA #11-268, raze/three rowhouses.
The Review Board approved the conceptual plan to preserve the character defining features of 1232, 1234 and 1236 New Jersey Avenue and delegate final approval to staff on the following conditions: (1) Removal will include the rear ell, rear facades and second rooms (first and second stories); (2) The front facades, the party walls to a depth of approximately 14 feet, and intact wood framing of the front rooms (first and second floors) will be stabilized and preserved; (3)The retained portions of the buildings will be sufficiently braced with steel members before demolition begins; (4) The retained portions of the buildings will be secured with a temporary roof and frame rear walls; (5) HPO staff shall approach DDOT and seek mitigation of parking and congestion issues of applicant viz. intersection of New Jersey and New York Avenues. Vote: 5-0 (Landis, Boasberg, Casarella, Buell, Taylor).

So we will have little house chunks held up by plywood and steel girders with cars behind them. so much better than plain old vacant houses. Inevitably these will be added to the list of MVSQ houses that fell down...

Bob See on Jul 7, 2011, 5:09:00 PM said...

Saving facades of deteriorated buildings in Historic Districts is done all the time, and they're integrated into a new building design proposal. It seems odd for a parking lot, but the hope is that it won't be a parking lot forever.

Many cities have suffered enough with the wholesale demolition of buildings to make parking lots.

Anonymous said...

Please make sure they don't let the elevations be demolished by neglect. It happens all the time.

Anonymous said...

Trust a church? The one that has not done much for the area in past...please... whow are you fooling??

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