Saturday, July 16, 2011

Your Next Place

By Franklin Schneider

If you had the coolest grandma ever, the kind of grandma who smoked Virginia Slims, who kept her long hair after all the other women cut theirs off, who was always going off on cruises with different guys, who spent Sunday afternoons getting high and listening to Stevie Nicks records, who called people “Doll” and “Love,” who rolled her eyes during grace at holiday dinners, this is where she'd live.

A bright, stylish 2BR/2BA in Foggy Bottom, this place is truly unique. Every period detail has been preserved, from the floors to the furnishings to the kitchen cabinets. Look at these cabinets! I wanted to tear one of the doors off and sneak it out under my jacket. I'm pretty sure they filmed a scene in “Casino” in here. Tons of windows, a den, lots of closets. There's also a massive roof deck and an exercise room, it comes with two storage units, and it's in a full service building with a twenty-four hour front desk. Trader Joe's is close by, the waterfront, the Kennedy Center, GW.

I mean, look at this place! This is probably the coolest place I've ever seen. New “right now” things are okay, but let's be honest, they lack a certain sophistication. New things are … Crocs. Old things, however, are all class. Old things are … Wayfarers. Would you rather live in a “Crocs” place or a “Wayfarers” place?

2475 Virginia Ave Nw #318-319
Washington DC 20037
2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms

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Anonymous said...

This is classic alright, as in classic over-the-top marketing copy. By any definition, if this is the "coolest place" the writer has ever seen, then, no offense, but I'd suggest getting out more....a lot more.

Anonymous said...

So... what you're saying is that there's approximately 70-years of Virginia Slims cigarette residue caked onto all of those period details?

Anonymous said...

First guy, its not marketing copy, the writer isn't selling it, just reviewing it, like a movie review with edge. And I thought his sarcasm and exuberance were humorous, but I guess you missed those.

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