Thursday, July 07, 2011

Winner of President's Park South Design Competition

National Mall:  President's Park design, Rogers Marvel Architecture

Rogers Marvel Architects, a New York-based firm, was announced as the winner of the President's Park South design competition at the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) meeting held today.  Rogers Marvel was selected amongst five semi-finalists out of a field of 25 entrants. In a statement, NCPC described the Rogers Marvel design as "adding a seating wall with integrated pedestrian lighting, while subtly raising the grade of the Ellipse. This establishes a security feature, reinforces the Ellipse as an event space, and minimizes the visual appearance of adjacent parking." The design adds a new E Street terrace that joins the modified Ellipse with the White House South Lawn, a design that "could also accommodate re-opening E Street, NW without requiring significant changes," according to NCPC. The next, and more formidable, portion of the project will be to wrangle the money necessary to build out the winning design.

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Anonymous said...

This "seating wall" is going to be covered with bums. I'm sure Obama will enjoy the view. I once watched a bum wake up from her sleep on a wooden bench in Kalorama, drop trou, and then piss through the wooden slats like it was a toilet, and not very successfully. Meanwhile, the city council is taxing us 5 cents for a made-in-China plastic bag. Priorities!

IMGoph on Jul 7, 2011, 4:22:00 PM said...

if they'd reopen E street, they could pave the entirety of the ellipse with asphalt for all i care. :)

Anonymous said...

Not going to happen in this fiscal environment, but I wish there was a way to put in an underground parking lot under the oval. White House parking around the ellipse is a bummer.

Anonymous said...

The provision of large amounts of office-supporting (even if it is the White House) parking in urban federal parkland is terrible. The White House has its own bikeshare station and is fully accessible by metro rail and bus.

IMGoph: go live out in Springfield under the mixing bowl and leave the city alone.

IMGoph on Jul 8, 2011, 11:47:00 AM said...

Anonymous at 11:45: You seem to have a bit of a problem reading sarcasm. Do you see the little smiley after my comment?

And read my prolific writing elsewhere in the DC blogosphere. You'll see that I'm one of the most pro-urbanists you'll ever meet.

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