Friday, April 13, 2012

Half Street Fairgrounds Opens

Nationals fans at yesterday's home opener had the chance to see the newest open-air market at the grand opening of Half Street Fairgrounds. Recycled shipping containers were refurbished and painted to make space for restaurants and shops.

The recycled metal boxes fill a site that eventually will be developed by Akridge. But until new construction starts, the site joins the ranks of Brooklyn's DeKalb Market and London's BOXPARK Shoreditch in finding ways to reuse old materials and underutilized sites.

Adjacent to the ball park, vendors at Half Street Fairgrounds can take advantage of game-day shopping, with an entertainment and shopping destination for the neighborhood.

“Beyond opening day, Fairgrounds is expected to provide a dynamic shopping, dining, and entertainment destination to the Capitol Riverfront Neighborhood throughout the summer and into fall,” a press release states.

The site was created by Akridge, Bo Blair of Georgetown Events, which operates The Bullpen on the site, and Mike Berman of Diverse Markets Management, which operates the Flea Market at Eastern Market and the Downtown Holiday Market at Penn Quarter. It was designed by Christy Schlesinger of Schlesinger Architects. DCRE Commercial is the leasing agent.

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Anonymous said...

They sure do like the old Chicago & North Western Railway logo.

Anonymous said...

The "Fairgrounds" are awesome, and, at least in great weather like we had last (Nats Opening) weekend, very popular! This is an incredibly cool venue, a spot-on mix of the nostalgic and the modern. Snaps to everyone involved with making it happen.

Anonymous said...

Finally some common sense in the city, too bad it took so many seasons to get a semi permanent place by the ballpark....

Anonymous said...

Hats off to Akridge for advancing this project. Although it reminds me a bit of the Port of Newark, anything that helps diminish the retail desert around the Navy Yards is a big plus.

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