Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Your Next Place

By Franklin Schneider

This Dupont rowhome is definitely one of a kind. Set way back from the street and slightly elevated, it glowers down on you like that one person at the bar who's clearly way out of your class and knows it, and thus is the only person you're interested in, much to the chagrin of your best friend's coworker, who only came out because you were described to her as a "nice, normal guy." Ha ha, as if that even exists!

I loved the bright, wide living room in this place, and it opens out onto a beautiful flagstone patio. The kitchen is incredible, with acres of wraparound counter space. Standing in the kitchen felt like what I imagine it would feel like standing on the bridge of an aircraft carrier. (Or maybe I'm just used to my really tiny, crappy kitchen.) There are also a ton of unique, endearing little touches throughout the house, like the varied color schemes in the bedrooms, or the double ceiling fans in the master bedroom (which I've never seen, but is a downright brilliant idea). Out back, beyond the patio, is a huge two-car garage in which you could easily fit three or four cars (why do you own four cars?!).

My favorite part was the massive jacuzzi tub. My girlfriend was slightly hungover that day and she was like, "do you think I could quickly jump in the tub without the agent noticing?" I think she would've done it too, but she knew I would've immediately called all the other open-housers in and then posted pictures on Facebook of her getting dragged soaking wet and nude from the house by police. We have a love-hate relationship. (A 10/90 split, I'd say, which is still way better than my parents.)

1319 21st Street NW
5 Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths, 2 Partial

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They should kill their decorator.

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