Friday, August 05, 2011

New Details for U Street Condo Project

Construction of the residential building planned for 11th and V Streets, NW, which DCMud reported last February, has added a few details to their plans. In April, Loford LLC selected Ellisdale Construction & Development as general contractor for the project, who is currently bidding subcontractors for the project (with the deadline one week from today). Now, Ellisdale has posted an image of what the 33-unit building may look like (very conceptual), and the owner has indicated that the project will be condominiums. The $4.5 million project will consist entirely of new construction. A two-story building on site will be razed - although the permit has not been approved - to make way for a 6-story (plus underground garage), 38,160 s.f. building. The garage and first floor will be constructed using concrete and metal framing, above which there will be five floors of wood framing. The 33 units vary from 615 to 750 s.f. No architect has been selected for the project yet. 

 Developer Habte Sequar purchased the land in August of 2010 for $2.7 million. Sequar is in the midst of developing another condominium at 14th and R Streets, which began construction last month, as well as the Renaissance at Logan and the Josephine Condos at 440 Rhode Island Ave., NW. 

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Anonymous said...

So basically all 1 bedrooms? 600-750 square feet would be tight for most anything else.

Anonymous said...

Five floors of stick built (wood framed) construction. Say goodbye to quality, value....and sound attenuation.

Anonymous said...

Five stories of wood-framed construction for a condominium building is highly irresponsible and sinister.

I wonder if the developer will charge just as much for the units in this wood-framed building as one would would charge for units in a concrete and steel-framed building.

Anonymous said...

Yep, wood frames is cheap-as-possible construction, buyer beware. It will be torn down in 50 years.

Anonymous said...

Would wood framing on a building this height with that many storys meet building/fire codes?

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely dreadful-looking! Really awful. The developer should be ashamed of this design (although, perhaps, no worse than the banal, suburban, stick-built schlock on the SWC of 11th & V).

This could have been an opportunity for another minimalist, modern building akin to the Beauregard on the NWC as well as the spectacular modernist infill TH at 11th & W.

Tom in Michigan Park DC

uncle grumpy said...

food for termites.

Anonymous said...

Wow - a monstrosity much larger than everything else on the block. Horrendous.

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