Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Your Next Place

By Franklin Schneider

This house bills itself as "one of the most unique homes in DC," and I'm inclined to agree. If I lived in this house, I'd carry around a little picture of it in my wallet and "accidentally" drop it whenever an attractive woman was around. (“What, that old thing? Oh, that's just my house.”)

The exterior is striking right off the bat – sort of an angular vertical chessboard look – and the inside is equally impressive. Lots of sleek, jet-black woodwork, which to my eye looked radically fresh and new, like the outfits of those Japanese hipsters who hang out in the East Village. Call me morbid, but there's not enough black in the interior design world. (Why is that? Is it a brightness thing? ) At any rate, black wood is a motif in this house. There's also an atrium-like living room with a massive window-slash-skylight set high up diagonally on the wall, and a great kitchen that's somehow at once massive but compact, a minor wonder of design and efficiency, like what I imagine Steve Jobs' kitchen looks like. (Only his woodwork is white, obviously.)

The master bedroom it truly palatial, as is the renovated master bath, which features a massive shower with a bench in it; I never understood what those were for until I lived with my ex girlfriend in a place that had a shower bench. When we were fighting, I'd wait until she was about to jump in the shower, zip in before her, and then doze on the shower bench while running the hot water. It did wonders for my skin, though not my relationship (I “won” though!)

Private parking, washer/dryer, and it's a short walk to Adams Morgan, Mt. Pleasant/Columbia Heights, and Meridian Hill Park, one of the most beautiful green spaces in Washington D.C and a great place to see drunk men sleeping under bushes.

2633 15TH ST N #4
Washington DC 20009


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