Friday, August 12, 2011

Redevelopment of Former Italian Embassy Past the HPRB

Potomac Construction is one step closer (but only one) to breaking ground on the redevelopment of the former Italian Embassy, due to project architect Trout Design Studio and Valor Development moving past the Historic Preservation Review Board for good.

At the end of July, the HPRB unanimously (5-0) approved the revised plans for the redevelopment. According to the Historic Preservation Office, "The Board found the design refinements and materials submitted to be consistent with the concept design and compatible with the character of the landmark."

Yet "the Board directed the applicants to restudy the entrances on Fuller Street and Mozart Place to see if changes to the design, size, and/or scale might improve their compatibility."

Next up is a visit to the Zoning Commission for consolidated PUD and map amendment approval, on September 8th.

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IsmeSon on Aug 12, 2011, 1:50:00 PM said...

Passed not Past!

Ken on Aug 12, 2011, 3:40:00 PM said...

Not necessarily, it was used properly as we meant it. Don't you have anything better to do on a Friday??

Anonymous said...

That is a nice looking project. Come on DC how about a lot more like this?

Anonymous said...

You must be dream'n anon. Anytime someone attempts to build on what the city has to offer, it's deemed as nostalgic. Everything must be starkly different from the past or else it's a fake as if another glass box was fresh!

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