Sunday, August 14, 2011

Your Next Place

By Franklin Schneider

Duplex condo! "The condo that feels like a house." Because let's be
honest, sometimes a regular apartment or condo can feel a bit too much like a little cement box surrounded by dozens of other little cement boxes. When my mom, who's lived in huge freestanding Midwestern
houses her whole life, visited me here and saw my apartment, she asked, “So when the person downstairs takes a number two, can you smell it in here?” “No, mother,” I said. She looked at me and then nodded slowly. Clearly, she didn't believe me.

But now this place – this place a mother could love. Two sleek levels in a beautiful building, a ton of natural light, gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and maple cabinets. A winding staircase takes you up to an airy loftlike space on the second floor, where the spacious family room flows into the generously-proportioned kitchen. Two bedrooms, two recently-renovated and very fine baths.

Washer/dryer on-site, so you can watch whatever you want while you do your laundry instead of being at the mercy of that remote-wielding attendant at the laundromat who wears an Andy Warhol-style toupee and has the most annoying habit of watching commercials and then flipping away when the actual program comes back. Why does he do that? I asked him once and he just said, “9/11.” True story!

Best of all, the place is in Logan Circle, so you're extremely close to whatever you might want to do (restaurants, nightlife) but far enough away that people won't be shrieking into their cellphones and vomiting Alabama Slammas under your window. Trust me, I lived right in the heart of Adams Morgan for a year and you have no idea how quickly the sound of laughter can become an object of pure hatred.

1437 Rhode Island Ave Nw #107
Washington, DC 20005
2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths

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Alex said...

Nice place! The placement of that microwave is a little odd, though. How are you supposed to use it without getting on the counter

Anonymous said...

not only the Microwave, but from the looks of at this angle...this Kitchen could have seom real Fair Housing issues. Assuming of course it's a new building or significant enough of a renovation that it must comply with FHA.

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