Thursday, August 30, 2012

Today in Pictures - Archstone's NoMa Apartments

Archstone's First + M apartments in NoMa was just the second apartment building to go online in the once quiet neighborhood, but thanks to its distinguishing design and sheer size, is helping transform the area that is now busy during the day and even sometimes at night.  Occupancy of the building began June 1, and the leasing office says that 162 of the 469 units are now occupied.
The building was designed by Davis Carter Scott and broke ground in June of 2010, and features 192 one bedrooms, 206 two bedrooms, and 71 three bedrooms – as well as a smidgen of ground floor retail.  Amenities include a communal "chef's kitchen" that opens onto an outdoor dining area, a 5000-square-foot 24-hour gym, a large interior courtyard, a “Rooftop Resort” that features a heated lap pool and sun deck, an internet cafe, a theater, two soundproof music studios, a bike workshop, even a pet spa.

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Anonymous said...

Can't believe it has taken so long for the NoMa haters to weigh in?

Oh and somebody might want to tell Douglas Development that apparently there is some development taking place in NoMa.

Anonymous said...

...doesn't everyone hate NoMa? Well, at least scoff at the notion of paying 2500 for a studio in NoMa.

Anonymous said...

Too bad there's only a "smidgeon" of retail. Thanks to the continuous retail in Constitution Center (or whatever it's called, who can keep these boring names straight?) across the street, 1st Street NE, the main drag of NOMA, actually shows some signs of maybe sorta beginning to have urban life. No amount of architectural gymnastics, however, can overcome blank streetfronts, so I hope "Archstone's NoMa Apartments" (see what I mean about unmemorable names?!) makes the most of that smidgeon, and/or can convert streetfront space to commercial uses in the future.

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