Saturday, August 11, 2012

Your Next Place

This penthouse loft is fit for a king or, more practically speaking, someone gainfully employed with really good credit who can qualify for a mortgage.  Which in America these days is pretty much as rare as actual royalty.  (If you just thought, "But Franklin, I'm all of those things!", do me a favor and punch yourself in the face.)

This wide-open dramatic space sports exposed ductwork, windows upon windows, and sky-high ceilings.  Finishing touches include maple hardwood and porcelain tile floors, and a gas fireplace that will almost certainly not - but might - seep gas into the unit until your home is a massive combustible cube of invisible accelerant just waiting for a spark to come along and let hell loose.  (This message sponsored by the Association of Wood-Burning Fireplace Manufacturers.)  The bedrooms have wonderful views and lots of light and space, and feature Elfa closets, which is a lot like the system you use for your clothes storage now, except with more of an emphasis on organization and accessibility, and less on just sort of throwing them anywhere except the corner with the cat's litter box (unless you're drunk).

Outside, there's a five hundred square foot private terrace that features a hot tub.  Yes, you too can be a cliche! (Fine, I'm only saying that because I'm insanely jealous. Not only do I not have a hot tub in my apartment, I don't even have hot water. Apparently if you don't pay your gas bill for three years, they'll cut you off.)

2020 12th Street NW #808
2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths


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