Friday, August 24, 2012

Clarendon Project Underway

Clarendon is on its way to getting yet another apartment building. Zom Inc., which is developing USAA Real Estate's parcel at 1200 N. Irving Street in Arlington, finally began construction earlier this month on a 10-story apartment building with ground floor retail that will front both N. Irving Street and Washington Boulevard. The project was designed by Esocoff & Associates.

Formerly known as The Waverly at Clarendon Station, the development has now been christened The Beacon at Clarendon West, according to Greg West, chief development officer for the Florida-based Zom. "We’ve revised the design and rebranded the project," he said.

The company's original condo concept is off the table. Instead, the project will include 187 one- and two-bedroom units averaging 850 square feet, each with de rigeur hardwood floors, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. About half will have balconies, and a rooftop pool is included in the package.

The building will have "a very unique and interesting radius shape," said West. In part, that curvilinear facade is designed to take advantage of the lot's outline. On the ground floor, lining both N. Irving Street and Washington Boulevard - but not the corner itself - will sit 17,000 square feet of space designed for retail. Zom has hired Asadoorian Retail Solutions to fill the spaces, but West claims the development partners have not decided on a specific mix of types. "We have a lot of flexibility as to the size and variety of what we can take," he said. "We just want to find the best tenants who will provide a good amenity value to the building."

Construction of the project, which is being done by Donohoe Construction, is beginning with a major excavation to make room for two floors of underground parking. The development, which will incorporate an historic facade that’s still on the property, should be finished in about two years.

The site, located two blocks from the Clarendon Metro station, has a fairly long history. Zom bought it from Faison in 2006 but the property lay empty for several years. In 2011, USAA bought the property and is developing it together with Zom.

The partners are also involved in a second Arlington venture, located at 1919 Clarendon Boulevard in Courthouse. The Clarendon Boulevard project, which is also currently under construction, is similar to the N. Irving Street one: although it's five stories rather than 10, the development includes 191 high-end apartments and another 17,000 s.f. of ground floor retail. Asadoorian is screening tenants for that property as well. "We'll be selecting retailers soon," said West.

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Anonymous said...

The 1980s called. They want their architectural style back.

Anonymous said...

I believe the picture is of the old design, isn't it?

Amanda Abrams on Aug 24, 2012, 12:14:00 PM said...

The developer sent this rendering, so it should be accurate.

Anonymous said...

If the 1950's call, just hang up.

Anonymous said...

Sam's Corner store need to come down... Looks like a transplant from NJ.

Anonymous said...

Esocoff usually does interesting things - not '80s at all. This will probably look good when it is built.

Skidrowe said...

"Good amenity value"? Where do people learn such blather, business school? And shouldn't a reporter publish quotes that actually have meaning?

As for the architectural critique, I'm in agreement with several of the Anonymouses above: The overall effect in the rendering is of 1980's Postmodernism, which doesn't sit well in my stomach. But Esocoff's buildings in the District are notable for excellent detailing and careful material choices, so I have some optimism it'll come out okay, better than the rendering. In fact, Esocoff's strengths are exactly what is lacking in most buildings in Arlington's Orange Line corridor, so it might really stand out in a positive way.

Anonymous said...

The glass cylinder looks disproportionally big and ugly plus it clashes with the Sam's garage or whatever.
I love Esocoff's buildings near 3rd and MAss, but is he copying Colbert "Sonata" here?? You are too god for that, Mr. E.!

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