Wednesday, August 01, 2012

New Project to Add to H Street Corridor

Thanks to small and not-so-small developments along H Street, the once troubled area is enjoying a renaissance and rejuvenation. 301 H Street, NE is the site of the newest project along the H Street corridor.  Located across the street from completed Senate Square and 360° H Street - Steuart Investment Company's project to build a Giant supermarket and apartments now underway (pictured, below) - 301 H Street is a smaller piece of the development puzzle.

The original lot, pictured above, has 5000 s.f. available for multi-family and retail. Capital City Real Estate shared that although they are still in the permitting and design phase, they plan a mixed-use building with 20-plus condominium units and ground floor retail and/or commercial space. They may also build commercial units available on the second floor and basement.  Permits have been submitted to DCRA detailing the project plans. According to Anthony Bozzi, of CCRE's brokerage company, "the project is still so new and delivery is at least a year out."

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Anonymous said...

New sign attached to the fence says something along the line of "Coming Soon - Spaces". Wonder what that is? Parking? Office hoteling?

Anonymous said...

Totally disregard last comment, misread sign.

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