Friday, August 31, 2012

Petworth Safeway Closing September 8th for Multi-family

Safeway officially announced today that it will close its Petworth store on September 8th to make way for the mixed-use development that has been long planned for the site.  The new store, to be developed by Duball, is scheduled to open mid 2014, with a 62,000 s.f. facility that will be the third largest in the city, triple the size of the current store.  Five floors of residential will sit atop the supermarket at 3830 Georgia Ave.  Torti Gallas designed the new building.

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IMGoph on Sep 2, 2012, 10:27:00 AM said...

It's worth noting from the plans that the project will extend down the alley behind the apartment building on Randolph Street. Good use of space (and elimination of another underutilization of space with a parking lot).

Anonymous said...

But this building looks exactly like every other one built in the area in the past ten years.

Anonymous said...

The building may not be exciting, but it's miles better a lot of what has been going up in Shaw and Columbia Heights recently. Have you seen the development for deaf people? Just awful.

Anonymous said...

The new Petworth Safeway design is not like everything else built in the last ten years. The new buildings built recently north of this site, like the Yes! Market building and the building next to Wendy’s have been hideous and cheap crap. (the brick stopping mid-windows on the Yes building is appalling) Architects for sixty years have justifying themselves using the same banal stripped down modernism claiming to be edgy when all they have been doing is enabling cheap developer crap.
This is a fantastic background design that belongs to the neighborhood and reinforces the best buildings in Petworth (like the Torti Gallas buildings one block south over the Metro Station) . Well done.

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