Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Your Next Place

This penthouse is everything a penthouse is supposed to be; huge, open, full of light, and expensive enough so that when you casually mention the price at a party, a hushed silence falls over everyone.  (If you don't have a multimillion-dollar penthouse, the same effect can be achieved by announcing the exact opposite:  "I made nine thousand dollars last year!"  If I'd known when I was young that poverty was such a social advantage, I never would have majored in English with a minor in Painting.  Oh wait, yes I would have.)

This luxury gem boasts interiors by Zaptaka Interiors, and it shows.  Everything, from the faucets to the windowframes, to the basins and cupboards, exhibits a sort of unifying aesthetic, which I would describe as "really nice."  (What, I'm not a designer, I don't know the lingo.)  The main area is wide open, loft-style, with separate dining and living areas, as well as a large, well-appointed kitchen.  There are three bedrooms, all of them large and boasting floor-to-ceiling windows.  The master bath is massive and has sweet twin basins facing a frosted glass window, and a futuristic walk-in closet that's literally bigger than some studio apartments.

The unit comes with two garage parking spaces, as well as multiple outdoor terraces with stunning views of the city.  You could use one just for pensive gazing at the horizon, and the other just for throwing pots of spoiled food down into the yard.  That's what I do with my outdoor deck.  (True, possibly related, story: the guy who lives below the aforementioned deck stepped out to have a cigarette the other night and was attacked by a opossum.  Oops.)

2818 Connecticut Avenue NW #PH4
3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths

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Que said...

Why does the furniture always look like it came from Ikea

Anonymous said...

Because most expensive "modern" furniture is so simple it is easy to copy. If it came from ikea, I applaud them. Where is this "futuristic" closet the size of a studio apartment?

Skidrowe said...

Y'know, for all the "really nice" aspects, one can't help but notice non-compositionally located sprinkler heads and mechanical diffusers in most of the photos, as well as not-quite-right bulkheads. These are very difficult things to coordinate, verging on impossible nowadays due to the degradation of craft that decades of low-bidder mentality has bought us. For this reason, though, it's what separates the "really nice" from the "flawless." And I really want this penthouse to be flawless.

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