Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Mission in Logan Gets Extension

14th Street retail for lease by Blake Dickson
The former automobile show room and current home of Central Union Mission in the 14th Street Historic District is one step closer to a long-awaited redevelopment following a Historic Preservation Review Board meeting on Thursday. 

With limited discussion, the board voted to accept staff recommendations granting a two-year extension to the project on the southeast corner of 14th and R Streets, accepting refinements made in response to the Board's 2006 direction, and restating that it is consistent with the Preservation Act.Blake Dickson retail for lease, 14th Street Mission
Developer Jeffrey Schonberger (Alturas LLC) has been planning to renovate and expand properties at 1625 - 1631 14th Ave., NW since 2006, pending relocation of the homeless shelter that now owns and operates the building. The current structure - a 5-story former Studebaker show room built in 1922 and three, 3-story brick row homes originally built in the late 1800's but remodeled after the turn of the century for commercial uses - will involve restoration and new construction.Mission Logan Circle, Blake Dickson Real Estate, 14th Street
According to the Historic Preservation Office staff report prepared for Thursday's meeting, the redevelopment will include restoring the four buildings' facades to their early-20th-century appearance, building a seven-story addition behind the rowhouses and adding underground parking in what used to be the showroom basement. The double-height auto showroom would also be restored and the buildings appearance maintained to the greatest extent possible.

The ground floor of the project will be designated for retail, said Eric Colbert of Eric Colbert & Associates, the architect for the project, predicting at least one restaurant in the mix. Blake Dickson Real Estate will be marketing the retail space.  The upper floors of the row homes and the additional rear structure will form residential units including some two-story units, Colbert said. The Mission building was built by the Wardman Construction Company.

Delays primarily related to relocating Central Union Mission, once slated for Georgia Avenue but now scheduled to go to the Gales School, have hindered development in the past.

Colbert and Schonberger said after the meeting that construction documents would be filed next month and that they would be ready to break ground on the project in 7 to 12 months.

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Anonymous said...

Love the new background building! Not every new condo has to scream for attention.

Anonymous said...

how does an extension to an already approved project mean that a project is one step closer to moving forward? As usual, DCMud's logic escapes me...

JaredS on Mar 23, 2012, 1:01:00 PM said...

What's the structure on the right? Currently that space is occupied by a zip car parking lot.

Anonymous said...

Well it'll be good to get that block renovated. Wish the architecture was more inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Second Anonymous comment: Without the extension, the approval expires and the project has to start over. It's not so much closer to realization as it is further from a re-start.

JaredS: The structure shown on the right, occupying the former gas station now used as a ZipCar parking lot, is not part of the Union Mission project. It was approved by HPRB a couple years ago. I don't know its current status, but most 14th Street projects seem to be coming off the shelf, so I would guess it's underway also.

Anonymous said...

Eric Colbert designs and architectural orientation is just plain terrible. Maybe you have to be an architect to appreciate, but something is lacking from all of his designs, at least from a commoners perspective.

Anonymous said...

Eric Colbert should be banned from DC. Just horrible work.

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