Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today in Pictures - Views at Clarendon

The Views at Clarendon is now complete after two years of construction and 5 years of lawsuits. The building was a collaboration between Arlington County, which lent money to the project, the First Baptist Church of Clarendon as the landowner, and the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH). The project began construction in October of 2009, tacking on a high-rise of 46 market-rate and 70 subsidized units to the existing church. Now ready for rentals, the residential portion has been christened Vpoint Apartments, with the first tenant scheduled to move in tomorrow. According to a spokesman for the community, 45 of the apartments have already been preleased.

Arlington, VA real estate development news. Photos by Rey Lopez.


Anonymous said...

Is that really a church I see? In an apartment building? VERY unique and a bit strange since Fair Housing covers religion as a protected class.

I have to say, I'm quite surprised. I can definitely see this affecting leasing as everyone may not be too "hip" to the idea of having a church with pews and all in the same place they live. This area is so transient with many people being from all over the world and of many different beliefs and religions.

Very gutsy will be interesting to see if they do indeed lease up or end up sitting on a bunch of vacants. Having a church in a multifamily building that's not a nursing home or assisted living may be the demise of their leasing efforts, but, then again, it may not. Who knows as it's never been done before! At least, not in this area.

Thank God for their location! Clarendon sells itself!

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Church has been there for quite a long time. They developed the aprtment building. I have no idea why anyone would care that a Chruch, which is a completely separate facility, is on the ground floor. It'll be a lot quieter than a ground floor restaurant / bar. Not to mention since 70 units are "affordable", I don't think those will be difficult to lease. And it's in a VERY prime location.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Good timing.

Why are people so freaked out about a church? The church was there first and was part of the redevelopment. I'm sure whoever wrote that considers themselves enlightened. The fact that they have pre-leased 45 units says that in the real world people aren't bothered by it, and why should they be?

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