Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today in Pictures - NoMa

With numerous projects planned and under construction, Noma's face is changing more quickly than any area of Washington D.C.

Archstone's First & M residential project

NPR Headquarters at North Capitol and L Streets

NPR Headquarters

NPR Headquarters

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Tony Goodman, ANC 6C04 on Jan 11, 2012, 11:33:00 PM said...

Your first "NPR" picture, of the construction fence, is actually a different project. That's 60 L Street NE, a new apartment building by Camden built by Clark.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty amazing what is happening there. I drove there recently, it all looks so new and shiny but also lacking in any soul. Hopefully that will come later..

sfp on Jan 12, 2012, 9:44:00 AM said...

Hey Anon! Come hang out for a bit instead of driving through (esp. in the summer).

Anonymous said...

I agree with the soul-less comment. The problem is that each developer is only focused on maximizing the value of its property and is unwilling to be the one guy who adds value to the whole neighborhood. The result may be nice looking buildings, but a lifeless existence at the sidewalk level. Call it the "K Street Phenomenon". I think that the Navy Yard area is suffering with the same problem - big developers only concerned about their parcel, not place-making.

Anonymous said...

I live in Philly now, having lived in Arlington for several years. I'd take any of these developments and buildings over what is or I should say what isn't being done here.

Anonymous said...

Even bigger progress is being made at the condo building near Fedex on Eckington Place and Q ST NE at the upper end of the NOMA boundary.

andrew said...

I woudn't agree with that assessment about Navy Yard. Although the current development's a bit sterile, there are very significant placemaking efforts being put into the riverfront area, Yards Park and its surroundings, and Canal Park.

Navy Yard is sterile because it's unfinished. NoMA's a bit of a different story, and probably needs some parkland lowrise development mixed in so that it feels a bit more human-scaled.

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