Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Your Next Place

By Franklin Schneider

Penthouse loft! Here's the thing: a penthouse loft is not just a place to live; it's a whole lifestyle. Like, if you lived here, you'd have to wear silk pajamas all day, have a pencil mustache, drive a vintage British convertible, the whole “dissolute bachelor” package. I'm pretty sure it's the law. I saw the agent turn down a guy with a briefcase of cash on hand just because he wasn't dating twins. (Not really.)

Okay, so it's not the law. But a space like this does seem “larger than life,” in a literal sense. This Chevy Chase penthouse is just a stone's throw (more like a gemstone's throw, get it?!) (sorry, sorry), from the Friendship Heights metro, and offers a level of quality you'd expect from the posh address. Right off the bat, you enter into the two story foyer, with the loft looming overhead; after going under it and through the very fine gourmet kitchen (granite countertops, Viking appliances), you enter the main space, a vaulted light-filled chamber that's part dining room, part living room. The bedrooms are spacious but still intimate, as bright as the rest of the house, and the master bath is spectacular. (I think the shower could double as a car wash, that's how big it is.)

Upstairs is the loft, of course. Looking down into the living room from up there made me legitimately dizzy, that's how high up it is. (Or, I guess, how much of a baby I am. I also may or may not have whimpered softly.) From the loft, you can go out onto a brilliant private rooftop terrace with spectacular views of Maryland and Virginia. How many states can YOU see from your rooftop? I rest my case.

4301 Military Road NW Penthouse #4
2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths


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